Zinc Plating

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is one of the most popular coatings used within general industry.

Many steel parts are coated in zinc, from nuts, bolts and washers to electrical panels, gates, railings and many automotive parts.

It is a very cost-effective process, and is mainly used to provide a corrosion resistant coating or as a base for painting.

Besides this benefit, the use of zinc also improves the overall appearance of metals, by giving them, a clean look & brightness.

The main advantages of zinc electroplating is its cost-effectiveness and ease of application. It can also be used as an undercoat for paints, as it prevents the formation of white rust for a long period of time, and has excellent ductile and adhesive properties.

Visual aesthetics can be improved with the type of passivation used these would normally be a clear blue tinted finish or sometimes known as silver zinc plating (BZP) and  Yellow iridescent or Yellow zinc plating

Key Properties of Zinc Electroplating

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good paint acceptance
  • Cost effective

Capabilities / Capacity

We have a 350Kg lifting capacity. Lengths up to 1.6 metres.

Further Technical information

At Zinc Alloy UK we use alkaline plating solutions, which deposit a uniform deposit and produce a good passivate layer. Typical deposit thickness tends to be between 8 microns and 25 microns depending on customer requirements.

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